How is the new Unicorn Essence different?

In our new Unicorn Essence, we have added beneficial ingredients and removed the things we can do without. As an ethically sourced brand, we have decided to cut out mica from the new formulation. Because the information has surfaced connecting some mica factories with modern-day slavery and child labor, we decided to remove natural mica from all our products. We will stand by that position until we can conduct robust audits of these mines to ensure they are compliant with labor laws and everyone is getting a fair wage.  


We also removed essential oils to make our formula gentler on extremely sensitive skin. Eliminating mica and essential oils allowed us to supercharge our formula with more antioxidants—namely Resveratrol and Coenzyme Q10—which can be absorbed to benefit your skin. We also removed the artificial color and switched things up with the gorgeous natural pink color from red algae. This ingredient also brings super-energizing and refreshing benefits to the skin! 

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