How is the new Rose Gold Elixir different?

Our new Rose Gold Elixir now offers skin-loving oils and blends for more advanced skin benefits immediately and in the long term. We said goodbye to our 24k gold flakes to make room for more super-oils that penetrate the skin and maximize results. We also removed essential oils from our formula to make this elixir more skin-loving for those with extremely sensitive skin.  

To further support our Thoughtful Sourcing practice, we now source organic rosehip oil from the only producer in the world with a Fair for Life certification. Our new Rose Gold Elixir formula directly contributes to improving the livelihoods of the Mapuche indigenous communities from Chile, who have been harvesting rosehip for years. We pay a premium for this oil, which helps contribute to fair wages for the workers and ensures that we have the freshest oil possible!  

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